English menue

Small dishes



A pot full of homemade lard with rye-bread

8,90 EUR



original Bavarian cheese cream with onions and bread

9,90 EUR


White sausages

two sausages with a pretzel and sweet mustard

13,90 EUR


Bavarian sausage salad

sausages in vinegar with pickles, onions, bread

14,90 EUR


Liver loaf

a large slice of liver loaf with fried potatoes

17,50 EUR


Nürnberger” sausages

fried sausages with pickled cabbage and fried potatoes

17,80 EUR



aspic with onions , homemade remoulade sauce and fried potatoes

17,90 EUR



cold cuts, cheese, obatzda, butter, pickles and bread

18,90 EUR


warm pretzel

2,80 EUR






tomato soup with cream

5,50 EUR


meat dumpling soup with chives

5,90 EUR


homemade soljanka with lemon and sour cream

6,50 EUR





'spätzle' noodles with cheese

16,50 EUR


Vegetarian Bauernfrühstück 

16,90 EUR


fried vegetables with noodles

18,90 EUR





coleslaw with bacon

4,90 EUR


cucumber salad with dill

5,80 EUR


tomato salad with onions and chives

6,50 EUR


small mixed salad

6,50 EUR


large mixed salad with feta

14,90 EUR


large mixed salad with liver loaf

15,90 EUR


large mixed salad with chicken

16,90 EUR



From the oven


piglet with pickled cabbage and boiled potatoes

20,80 EUR


grilled pork knuckle with coleslaw and dumplings

21,90 EUR


venison goulash with a cranberry pear

and dumplings

19,90 EUR


braised beef with red cabbage and

bread dumplings

22,50 EUR


homemade meat-roll with red cabbage 

and bread dumplings

23,50 EUR


1/4 baked duck with red cabbage and dumplings

21,50 EUR


½ baked duck with red cabbage and dumplings

25,90 EUR



From the pan


pork steak with fried onions and fried potatoes

21,50 EUR


escalope with fried potatoes and mixed salad

22,90 EUR


pork tenderloin with mushrooms and croquettes

22,50 EUR





young herring with onions, homemade remoulade sauce

and fried potatoes

17,80 EUR


fried pike with dill sauce, boiled potatoes

and cucumber salad

21,50 EUR





scoop of ice cream

2,50 EUR


berry jelly with vanilla sauce

4,80 EUR


yeast dumpling filled with jelly and vanilla sauce

7,90 EUR


homemade cut pancake with plums

11,20 EUR


apple pie with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce

8,50 EUR



Kids menu


French fries

4,80 EUR


noodles with tomato sauce

8,90 EUR


small escalope with french fries or boiled potatoes

12,50 EUR